My Solar Power Solution 

Off-Grid Solar Power System:

7.11kW solar + 12.0kWkWh battery

Roland’s quote estimated that I will use 12kWh a day. I’m almost certain I will use less given my current consumption patterns, the fact that I will be purchasing more energy-efficient appliances and the expertly-designed building once the renovation is complete. So I have used 7kWh in my calculations on the costs and projections page.

Roland estimates that there will be on average 25.6kWh/day available for me to either consume, put into the battery or put into the grid (see the chart below).

Solar Panel Average Daily Usage

Of that 25.6kWh, I will directly use about 5.7kWh during the day, with 6.3kWh going into the battery, 13.6kWh going to the grid and 6.1kWh being consumed from the battery.  The chart below does a good job of explaining how it all works. You’ll notice that the estimate says I will be 98% independent of the grid – this is a conservative estimate and I expect to be 100% independent of the grid. That is, I will only ever put electricity into the grid and never take any out of the grid. This set up means that I won’t need a generator either. This is a good thing given the lack of space on my property and the fact that generators aren’t good for the environment!

Solar Power Energy Calculations