Off-Grid Water System Solution

What is the off-grid water system solution for The ImPossible House?

I want the ImPossible House to be completely disconnected from the water supply. I want to show that it can be done in a developed, established area, on a small block. Is this a dream? I don’t think so. That is the essence of the ImPossible House – to figure out how to accomplish the impossible.

My requirements are listed below. Once the answer has been agreed upon and signed off on, I will post an update here.

Check out my water blog as I explore the viability of my off-grid water system objectives with my team.

Objectives for the off-grid water recycling system:

Here are the water system requirements I need from an off-grid water-based solution:

  1. Recycle all water so that it may be reused for drinking, the garden or the washing machine.
  2. Support a 3-person household.
  3. No water to leave the property (i.e. disconnected from the mains and stormwater).
  4. The cost of the solution is to be less than $30,000 (excluding the engineer fee).
  5. The system must satisfy NSW health regulations.

Here is the information I intend to share on this page once we have reached an agreement and signed off on a solution:

  1. Why I don’t want to be connected to the mains (environmental reasons, flooding, the cost of infrastructure, chemical treatment).
  2. The design.
  3. The water calculator I have built for others to use.
  4. How to save water.
  5. Estimating your water usage.
  6. No chemicals.
  7. Access.
  8. No sewage so no need for a sewerage connection.